Building Inspections

Rope Access Technicians

Sky High Window Services Ltd. incorporates software and rope access to take video of the exterior building envelope.

Once the images or videos are collected, they will be reviewed and approved by one of our 3rd party engineers and building science consultants who can easily find the issues and properly estimate the cost of repair. The rope access technician can provide the engineering consultant with a bird’s eye view of the exterior, all from the comfort of an office chair. Safely and affordably providing high quality visual records of existing wall conditions. This also permits an analysis of how wall conditions change over time; solid, objective and repeatable documentation to assist with evaluations, estimates and investigations.

A Live Feed

Another feature of the video inspection is the ability to do a live feed via bluetooth. The engineer can instruct the rope access technician on what to do and where to look – LIVE! Using human senses, we can get much more accurate information. A live feed makes it quick to find and fix deficiencies, or more importantly any hazards, potential liabilities and threats identified by an inspection report.

If you see a hazard that could be an immediate danger to life or health, you want to eliminate or control that hazard as fast as possible using proper engineering solutions.

If that isn’t possible to eliminate or control a hazard, then certain methods of control should be in place to manage the space between the hazard, worker and surroundings. These methods can be: eliminating, controlling, containing or isolating a problem at its source. In IDLH situations, rope access is the best method of action for a time sensitive solution.

With Sky High Building Inspections & Rope Access we are able to reach new heights and tackle architecturally unique buildings with efficiency, all while ensuring the safety of everyone at all times.

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